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Tap to flip HSR®

HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®)

The Most Advanced Livestock Management Technology In The World At An Unbeatable Price.

How does it work?

Tap to flip HSR®

HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®)

The Most Advanced Livestock Management Technology In The World At An Unbeatable Price.

How does it work?

HSR® – The Easiest Plug & Play Ecosystem In The World

Harnesses the most advanced high-speed tracking, tags, and mobile technology to help you Know Your Herd® with the HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®).

RFID cattle monitoring systems are typically a nightmare to install and get online. HerdView® has changed the game. No more running power lines, adding servers or buying Wi-Fi boosters to get internet out to the back pasture. Powered by solar and cloud-connected via cellular, HerdView® is all-in-one cattle monitoring technology that’s designed to set-up as easy as it operates.

HerdView Ecosystem n
RFID Cattle Reader

HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®)

The cornerstone of the HerdView® ecosystem, the HSR®’s speed, durability and all-in-one capability puts all other RFID cattle tag readers out to pasture. Highly configurable and Bluetooth-enabled for meshing multiple units together, the HSR® is available with cellular connectivity.

  • Cloud-connected, all-in-one smart reader
  • Requires no hard-wiring or additional tech investment
  • Bluetooth enabled for meshing multiple HSR®
  • High speed for accurate head counts
  • Configurable parameters for close and wide detection
  • Easy plug-and-play start-up
  • Portable & powerful with 70-hour battery life
  • Built tough to withstand weather extremes
  • Embedded antennas for added durability
  • Only system configured for Intelligent Area Monitoring

Powerfully Portable Livestock Management Technology

While its speed, accuracy and reliability set it apart, the HerdView® HSR® portability puts it in a class by itself. The battery is capable of providing 70+ hours of continuous monitoring away from a power source. Take it to another pasture to count cattle moving in. Move it to a holding pen to track new arrivals coming off the truck. The HerdView® system goes where the needs of your herd take it.

HerdView Smart Reader mockup

HerdView® HSR®

With 70+ hours of battery life away from the solar charger, the portable HSR® can take the place of legacy RFID systems all across your operation.

HerdX Secondary Attena Mockup

HerdView® HSR® Secondary Antena

Additional Antenna that can be used to expand the capabilities of HSR® by creating same reading zone and further widening the scanning area and read reliability. Uses the same type of mount as the HSR®.

HerdX Solar Pannel

Solar Pannel

Forget running extension cords or spending time and money running electricity. The HSR® powerful solar battery charger keeps it running night and day, rain or shine.

HerdX HerdView App Inventory

HerdView® App

Get real-time updates on your herd, plus task management, counting, inventory and transfers right in the palm of your hand.

HerdX RFID Technology product

Where To Install The HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®)

Where you install the home base for the HerdView® HSR® is important. Although the HSR® can be placed over any chute, pen or pasture gate, we recommend placing it at a water trough to maximize the system’s Intelligent Area Monitoring capabilities.

Tracking an animal’s movement to and from water is an early detector of potential sickness, and a key to maximizing the benefits of the HerdView® technology.

For counting, pasture transfers or other cattle monitoring needs away from its home base, simply remove the HerdView® HSR® from the mount and return it to recharge when finished.

Easy Installation. Endless Possibilities.


No Other Herd Management Technology Is Easier To Set Up

Setting Up HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®) In Three Simple Steps

Getting started with HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®) is easy as one, two, three.

Step 1

Install The HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®)

  1. Attach the Base Bracket to the Reader
  2. Attach the Mount to the Solar Panel Frame
  3. Mount the Reader Bracket to Trough Pole
  4. Mount the Solar Panel to Trough Pole

Step 2

Activate The HerdView® Technology

Once the HSR® is installed and powered up, use the HerdView® App to complete the set-up process—no geek squad required.

Step 3

Add The HerdView® Tags

Activating a HerdView® tag is easy. Just open the HerdView® App and scan the unique barcodes on each tag using the camera on your mobile device.

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Forget everything you’ve “herd” about RFID cattle management. Find out how HerdView® can improve productivity and profitability for any size operation.

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