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HerdX® Frequently Asked Questions


Can I use the tags and application without an HSR® reader?

Yes, you can still take full advantage of the HerdView® App to track detailed animal records including treatments and health. All you need is your cellphone!

Can I get a demo of the HerdView® System?

Fill out the ‘Request a Quote’ form on the website and use the message box to request a demo.

HerdView® App

Does the application work with iPhone and Android devices?

Yes, the application works with iPhones and Androids. You can find the ‘HerdView® App’ on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I use the HerdView® application on my computer?

At this time, the application is not available on a desktop, but HerdX® is currently developing a desktop version. COMING SOON!

Is the application free to download?

Yes, the mobile application is free to download but only approved registered customers can access and use the app.

How many users and sites can I have in my organization?

You can add as many users as you want to your organization. There are also no restrictions to the number of sites per organization.

How many pens/pastures can I have within the application?

There are no restrictions to the number of pens/pastures in an organization.

How many cattle am I allowed to have in the application?

There are no restrictions on the number of cattle/animals in an organization.

Can I export data from the application?

Yes, you can export data from the application. Users will receive an exported file through a registered email address.

Do the application and readers read other tags?

No, but you can manually enter secondary IDs and USDA 840 tags associated with the HerdX® tag within the application.

Does the app work offline?

Yes, some features of the application have offline capabilities. Adding inventory, Counting Sessions, Outgoing and Receiving Transfers, and Selecting Multiple Animals by Scanning are all features available offline. The app will get updated once it re-establishes cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

HerdX® RFID Tag

Will the HerdX® ear tags ever need batteries or charging?

No, HerdX® RFID ear tags run on passive UHD RFID technology, meaning they will not need charging.

How long will a HerdX® ear tag last?

HerdX® RFID ear tags are purposefully designed to stand up to water, mud, extreme temperatures, scraping, shaking and just about anything else the animal throws at it. Designed for ICAR and USDA compliance, HerdX® passive UHF ear tags are tamper-evident and engineered to last over the life of an animal.

What type of tagger works with HerdX® ear tags?

HerdX® tags can be applied with a red or blue universal tagger. You can order a compatible tagger from the HerdX® website.

Can I select the HerdX® tag sequence range?

At this time, HerdX® tags come with a predefined numbering sequence. However, you can customize the back of the tag with your farm/ranch name and address. Each tag has a unique 15-digit ID with the large printed last 4 digits for ease of readability. Additionally, depending on the tag order size, customers may be allowed to request a particular number sequence.

Can I pick the tag size and color?

Depending on your needs, HerdX® offers a select colors and sizes.

Do HerdX® tags come with darts/buttons?

Yes, HerdX® tags come with darts/buttons with a tag purchase. Darts/buttons can be purchased separately if spares are needed.

HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®)

Do I need to install underground electrical infrastructure to run electricity to power the HSR®?

No, electric infrastructure is not required to power the HSR® device. The HSR® uses rechargeable Li-Ion batteries powered by a solar panel, enabling constant operation, even at night. The readers can also be charged by main power if that option is available. There is no need to mess with base stations and wiring.

Do I need network connectivity to use a HSR®?

You can use the HSR® reader without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity to scan animals into inventory, perform counting sessions, select multiple in inventory by scanning, and outgoing and incoming transfers. You will need cellular connection for Area Monitoring.

Do the HSR® reader stand up to the elements?

The HSR® reader is built to stand up to the rigors of ranch life. With a sealed construction that’s IP65 rated, the HSR® is engineered to handle anything mother nature throws at it.

Can I move the HSR® to other areas?

Yes. One of the key benefits of the HerdView® technology is its portability. Just remove the HSR® from its home base and place it where you need it.

Can I connect multiple HSR®?

Yes, this is a HerdX® exclusive! With built in Bluetooth connectivity, multiple HSR®s can be meshed to provide an array of benefits, including wide range monitoring and accuracy in counting large numbers of cattle.

Does the HSR® use batteries?

Yes, the HSR® uses rechargeable Li-Ion batteries powered by a 12V DC charger or a 30W solar panel; enabling constant operation, even at night.

How long do the HSR® batteries last?

From a full charge, the batteries can last up to 72 hours in ‘Monitoring Mode’ and 28 hours in ‘Rapid Counting Mode’.

How does HerdView® Intelligent Area Monitoring work?

One of the first signs of potential illness or distress in cattle is a change in their watering or feeding patterns. The HerdView® technology recognizes these changes in behavior and immediately sends an alert to the HerdView® App. This enables early intervention to potential illness, often days before outward signs occur.

HerdView® Insights

What type of reporting and analytics can I get with HerdView® Insights?

HerdView® Insights provides robust and interactive reports on all aspects of the HerdView® App. This includes Inventory, Treatments, Health, Counting Sessions, Transfers, and Area Monitoring. Area Monitoring reports specifically include absent alerts and time spent data to view trends and anomalies. You can filter and sort the data by location/site, enclosure type (Pen or Pasture), enclosure(s), HSR®s, or even filter by one or more Tag IDs.

Can I download reports from HerdView® Insights?

Yes, you can download reports to your computer.

How do I access HerdView® Insights?

HerdView® Insights is included in the web desktop application. You can access HerdView® Insights on the web with an active HerdView® account.


Forget everything you’ve “herd” about RFID cattle management. Find out how HerdView® can improve productivity and profitability for any size operation.

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