HerdX | A New Breed of Herd Management Technology

A New Breed of Herd Management Technology. A New Kind of Ag Tech Company.

The HerdX® Mission: Change The American Cattle Industry
For The Better

As any cow/calf, stocker or feedlot operator will tell you, cattle is a tough business. Long hours, combined with increasingly lower margins are putting the independent cattle industry—the local ranches, farms and feedlots scattered across this land—in a real profitability pinch.

The HerdX® team knew the struggles independent cattlemen were facing, and we’ve made it our mission to build technologies that make livestock management more efficient, more productive and at the end of the day, more profitable.

Innovative Technology Engineered to Improve Cattle Operations

The result of years of product development, refinement and testing, HerdView® brings together the latest advanced technologies to help solve the critical issues facing cattle producers.

  • Monitor animal movement 24/7
  • Enable early detection of potential illness
  • Greatly improve counting accuracy
  • Makes the technology simple to set up and run
  • Keep initial investment low
  • Offer a “no wiring needed” solution that works in remote locations
  • Create a modular system that can move with the herd’s needs
  • Integrate ranch management functionality
  • Build an app to access it anytime, anywhere

In short, we didn’t just aim to improve herd management. We set out to revolutionize it, disrupt the status quo, and build a livestock management system that can change cattle operations for good—at a price any rancher can afford.

Meet The Team Behind The Breakthrough Technologies

Ken Burroughs

Chief Executive Officer

Ken serves HerdX® as CEO and Chairman of its Board of Directors. He previously spent 15 years with Bass Pro Shops where he also served as Board Director, Co-President and Managing General Partner of Bass Pro, and CEO of Tracker Marine Group.  Tracker became the largest freshwater fishing boat company in the World.  Both Ken and Toni (below) helped fuel Bass Pro’s growth from one large store in Springfield, MO to over 100 retail locations in the United States and Canada.  A proven innovator, growth expert and driven leader, Burroughs has extensive experience building successful companies from the ground up.

Toni Miller, MBA-CPA

President & CFO

Toni serves as President, Chief Financial Officer, and Director at HerdX®.

Her extensive experience in finance, administration, and operations, includes all aspects of retail, wholesale, food services, hospitality, development, supply chain management and real estate.  After a long, successful almost 30-year tenure and numerous contributions at Bass Pro Shops serving as CFO, Ms Miller joined Boscov’s Department Stores in 2019, assuming the role of Sr Executive VP, CAO, and CFO, and served for 10 years. Her illustrious career has included many equity and debt transactions, acquisitions, and multiple complex capital structures.

Praveen Francis

Vice President of Technology and Systems

Praveen is a Senior Technology Leader with a higher education in Computer Science Engineering and with over 23 years’ experience in the development of enterprise level data-driven IT applications architecture.  He has an exceptional track record of driving transformational technology change and delivering results in complex business environments.  His core technology skill sets include Cloud infrastructure (GCP, AWS, Azure), JAVA, Python, DevOps, agile development, mobile and web application.

Candace Adams

Senior Project & Office Manager

Candace is a leader in the HerdView ® product development and oversees project management. She is currently working toward her Certification in Project Management.

Lexus Haecker

Animal Science & Research Specialist

Lexus graduated from Texas A&M University with a BS in Animal Science, and Angelo State University with a MS in Animal Science.

David Schroeder

Research & Development Engineer

David is a graduate of LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas, with a degree in mechanical engineering.

"Our drive and motivation at HerdX® is delivering dynamic, market-changing technology products to enrich the lives of ranch customers and operators, making their jobs easier and businesses more profitable."

Ken Burroughs - CEO HerdX®

The Core Values That Drive Everything We Do At HerdX®


We value honesty, character and integrity. We consistently uphold these values in our interactions with each other and all of our stakeholders which includes our valued Customers.


We promote honest, open and transparent communication in our conduct as an organization.

Making a Difference

We exist to develop and deliver products and services that bring tangible value to each stakeholder from farm to table.


We believe in fostering a welcoming business and work environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and allows hard questions to be asked which we believe promotes continued improvement in all we do.

Customer Service

We exist for our valued Customers, and strive to provide best-in-class, leading edge  products and services.


Do I need Wi-Fi to use a HerdX® RFID reader?

Although our readers can connect to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi is not required. HerdX® readers have a cellular option that allows readers to connect to the cloud repository and API.

Will the HerdX® ear tags ever need batteries or charging?

No, HerdView® RFID ear tags run on passive UHD RFID technology, meaning they won’t need charging.

Do HerdView® readers stand up to the elements?

HerdView® readers were built to stand up to the rigors of ranch life. With a sealed construction that’s IP65 rated, the HerdView® Smart Reader is engineered to handle anything mother nature throws at it.

Can I move the HerdView® Smart Reader to other areas?

Yes. One of the key benefits of HerdView® technology is that it’s portable. Just remove the HerdView® Smart Reader from its home base and place it where you need it. The battery lasts for 70 hours before needing to go back to its home base to charge.

Can I connect multiple HerdView® Smart Readers together?

A HerdX® exclusive! With built in Bluetooth connectivity, multiple HSRs can be meshed together to provide an array of benefits, including wide range monitoring and accuracy in counting large numbers of cattle.

Does the HerdView® Smart Reader use batteries?

Yes, HerdX® readers use rechargeable Li-Ion batteries powered by a solar panel, enabling constant operation, even at night.

How long will a HerdX® ear tag last?

HerdX® ear tags are purposefully designed to stand up to water, mud, extreme temperatures, scraping, shaking and just about anything else the animal throws at it. Designed for ICAR and USDA compliance, HerdX® passive UHF ear tags are tamper-evident and engineered to last the life of an animal.

How does HerdView® Intelligent Area Monitoring work?

One of the first signs of potential illness or distress in cattle is a change in their watering or feeding patterns. The HerdView® technology recognizes these changes in behavior and immediately sends an alert to the HerdView® app. This enables early intervention to potential illness, often days before outward signs occur.