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Big or Small, We Track ’em All

From Ranches To Feedlots, HerdX® Livestock Management Technology Is Revolutionizing Cattle Operations

Nose To Tail Livestock Management Technology

HerdX® proudly introduces HerdView®, advanced technology for monitoring animal health and increasing efficiency in ranch and feedlot operations.

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HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR®)

Breakthrough technology to monitor animal movement, identify potential signs of illness, count and records sessions & transmits to the cloud via cellular connectivity.

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HerdView® Mobile App

Access your herd data anywhere, receive potential illness alerts, manage inventory, tasks, transfers, and more from anywhere.

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HerdView® RFID Tags

Ultra-durable, tamper-evident passive UHF RFID ear tags provide a unique ID for each animal while improving detection accuracy from greater distances.

Cow/Calf and Backgrounders

Ranchers know the value of keeping their cattle healthy and productive. That’s why HerdX® engineered HerdView® to do what a cowboy can’t: monitor every head 24/7 for security, signs of potential illness or distress.

Detect Potential Illness Early

Through its innovative Intelligent Area Monitoring technology, HerdView® alerts ranchers to the first sign of potential sickness—when an animal hasn’t gone to water or food. This smart detection technology alerts ranchers to potential illness often days before outward signs appear, providing an opportunity for early intervention and less cattle loss.

Counts, Tasks, Transfers & Ranch Management

Accuracy is everything when using RFID technology to count, track and transfer cattle. No other livestock tracking solution delivers the accuracy of HerdView® cattle monitoring technology to streamline your operation and help improve your bottom line.

Feedlot Operations

With cattle in close quarters, identifying potential sickness and isolating cattle are key to keeping both cattle healthy. Pen riders can identify potential illness once the signs are there, but that’s often too late to curb an outbreak. That’s why the HerdView® Intelligent Area Monitoring Technology is such a game changer.

Giving Pen Riders an Extra Set of Eyes

From the first instance an animal fails to go to water, HerdView® Intelligent Area Monitoring technology sends an alert to the HerdView® App. This early detection enables feedlot operators to quickly evaluate and potentially isolate the animal, helping safeguard the health of other animals.

Improving Traceability

With roughly 1/3 of stockers retaining ownership through the feedlot, verifying monitoring cattle health, and tracking proper weight for finishing is an important aspect of risk management for feedlot operators. HerdView® makes it easy to keep track of everything from vaccine schedules to weight documentation, right from the palm of your hand.

Smarter Technology For Monitoring Animal Health And Operational Efficiency

Easy Set Up

HerdX® designed HerdView® to be a 100% stand-alone solution—no wiring, cables, routers or other technology required. HerdView® connects to the cloud even in the most remote locations.

Smart Technology

Through Intelligent Area Monitoring, cattle operators are able to identify and treat potentially sick cattle earlier—often days before outward signs of illness occur—for a healthier, more productive herd.

Accuracy You Can Count On

Unlike other livestock tracking systems, HerdView® technology delivers unheard of accuracy, even with fast moving cattle in tight groups.

Affordable For Any Operation

The most sophisticated system at a price any cattle operation can afford. With a choice of low-cost monitoring plans designed to keep your ROI intact, you can’t afford not to put the HerdView® system to work on your ranch or feedlot.


Forget everything you’ve “herd” about RFID cattle management. Find out how HerdView® can improve productivity and profitability for any size operation.

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