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HerdView® Insights

A Better Way To Know Your Herd!

The HerdView® Insights

The HerdView® data studio is a secure, cloud-based, robust and scalable data visualization tool that provides easy to understand reports and analytics helping ranchers make better decisions with better information.

A better way to “Know Your Herd®!

Highlights of HerdView® Insights:

  • Data Selection Criteria – ability to drill down, filter and sort enterprise data to gain greater insight from the data and analytics.
  • Daily reporting of animal area monitoring data at multiple levels – ranch, pens/pastures, individual animals as well as by specific time periods.
  • Help easily identify animal behavior anomalies, outliers, trends – by individual animal data or comparisons to other animals/pens.
  • Quickly and easily access daily up-to-date data.

Animal Monitoring
Analytics & Reporting Includes:

  • Dashboard – top level reporting on animals monitored, alerts, trends.
  • Time Spent Analysis – animal detection and duration.
  • Standard Deviations – outliers, bell curve.
  • Absent and Detection Alerts.


Find out how the HerdView® Insights helps you discover, optimize and improve productivity and profitability.