HerdX | A New Breed of Herd Management Technology

Herd Management is easier than ever

Herd Management is easier than ever

The HerdView® Application

The robust, scalable, intuitive and secure cloud based HerdView® app makes herd management easier than ever. Our app maintains a complete history of each animal with real-time inventory and animal management, tasks, transfers and inventory counting, plus Intelligent Area Monitoring alerts at your fingertips, It’s like putting a new cowboy to work, right in the palm of your hands. Track your animals 24/7!
With unlimited number of users the HerdView® app will give you tools that:
  • Provides detail animal information and history – access anywhere and anytime.
  • Helps prevent unnecessary cattle loss and improve profitability.
  • An efficient and reliable digital solution with a complete herd inventory management system.

Specific Application Features

Effective Inventory Management

  • Maintain multiple ranch sites under one organization.
  • Inventory management with detail, accurate perpetual inventory.
  • Detail animal records – considerable amount of specific information for each animal.
  • Track and search animal records based on EID tag number, pen, Lot ID.
  • Ability to add, edit or update individual or group animal records.
  • Use HSR or camera to scan tag and/or QR code to add animals and perform counting sessions.

Animal Monitoring & So Much More

  • Track animal movement between pens.
  • Area monitoring alerts to detect animal behavior anomalies.
  • Animal treatments & health reminders, as well as task management.
  • Receive notifications on area monitoring, treatments, transfers and tasks.
  • Efficient online transfer of inventory inside / outside the organization.
  • Easily access select animal information through search, filter, sort functions.
  • Data export capabilities


Find out how the HerdView® Application can improve productivity and profitability for any size operation.