HerdX | A New Breed of Herd Management Technology

A New Breed of Herd Management Technology Is Here

Welcome To HerdView® By HerdX®
The only intelligent livestock management solution engineered to monitor animal health & improve your bottom line

HerdView® Is Like Putting an Extra Set of Eyes on Your Cattle 24/7

  • Know When Animals Aren’t Coming to Water
  • Pinpoint Potential At-Risk Animals Early
  • Keep Track of Inventory
  • Take Accurate Counts and Track Transfers
  • Streamline Operations, Increase Profits
  • Know Your Herd® Anytime, Anywhere

Advanced Technology in a Cost-Effective Package

  • Wireless Hardware—Take it Where you need it
  • Fast, powerful, portable
  • Easy Plug-and-Play
  • Cloud-connected via cellular
  • Bluetooth Enabled for Device Meshing
  • Low Cost of Entry

Watch How HerdView® Takes Livestock Monitoring To The Next Level

Without high up-front costs or added technology investment

How HerdView’s Breakthrough Technology Is Changing
The Cattle Game

Easy Set Up

Our revolutionary HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR) is all you need – one device, endless possibilities. No hard wiring or tech team required. Just mount it where you need it, turn it on, and you’re up and running.

Identify Potential At-Risk Animals Early

If your animals aren’t drinking, that’s usually the first sign that something’s wrong. HerdView® uses Intelligent Area Monitoring technology to monitor animal behavior and alert you when cattle aren’t coming to water. Nothing is more important than hydration, and HerdView® helps you get ahead of potential problems fast.

Engineered For The Elements

The HerdView® HSR is designed and built to withstand the rigors of livestock operations. Heavy-duty weatherproof construction ensures that you will get years of performance.

Remote Location Ready

No internet, no problem. HerdView® connects to the cloud via cellular signal, just like a game camera.

Portable & Powerful

Want to count cattle coming in and then monitor them with the same device? The HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR) doesn’t have extra wires, extension cords, or external antennas. Simply take the HSR where you need it and the lithium-ion batteries will keep your HSR working until the job is done.

Cost Effective

With HerdView® breakthrough technology, you might expect a price tag to match. HerdX® believes that every cattle producer deserves to have the best tools to help run their operation, without breaking the bank.

High Speed Accuracy

HerdView®uses UHF (Ultra High Frequency) tags to get data to you fast and accurately. Bluetooth meshing of multiple HerdView® Smart Readers (HSR) takes counting accuracy to heights no other livestock monitoring technology can match.

Healthier Profits

Having another set of eyes on your cattle 24/7, streamlining operations, and cutting costs are just the beginning. HerdX® is helping producers to Know Your Herd® & enjoy healthier bottom lines.


Forget everything you’ve “herd” about RFID cattle management. Find out how HerdView® can improve productivity and profitability for any size operation.