A New Breed of Herd Management Technology

Welcome to HerdViewTM, the revolutionary tracking solution engineered to make cattle producers more profitable.

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Helping cow/calf producers and stockers increase efficiency.

Ranchers know how to manage cattle, but keeping eyes on the herd 24/7 is impossible. HerdView™ helps reduce sickness and death-loss, while improving the business side of running a ranch.

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Giving pen riders an extra set of eyes.

Identify and treat sick animals sooner, improve production and provide a traceable path to finishing with HerdView™ from HerdX.

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A New Breed, Without the Bull

Forget everything you’ve “herd” about RFID tracking systems. HerdX is different.

Complicated set-up. Unreliable readers. Broken tags. Repackaged tech from other industries. HerdX looked at everything that was wrong with RFID livestock tracking…and we built it right. With affordable plans, plug-and-play start up, and proprietary tech built specifically for livestock operations, HerdView™ gives ranchers exactly what they need to keep their cattle – and their bottom line – healthier than ever.

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The HerdView™ ecosystem is purposefully designed to increase productivity and profits in cattle production.



HerdView™ RFID Ear Tags

Built to withstand the rigors of cattle production, HerdX tags leverage UHF RFID technology and a globally unique ID to enable ranchers to track, update, monitor, ship and receive livestock using the HerdView™ readers and mobile app.

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HerdView™ Animal Activity Readers

Highly configurable UHF RFID readers with local mesh networking and direct cloud communication capable of accurately and reliably scanning tags at set locations such as water and food sources, pens, chutes or in remote fields.

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Taste of Trust


HerdView™ Mobile App

iOS and Android ready mobile app capable of operating both online and offline, delivering livestock-specific inventory management functions including animal record updating, transferring or receiving livestock and alerts to any abnormalities in animal movement or behavior.

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