HerdX | A New Breed of Herd Management Technology

The Most Advanced Livestock Management Technology to Help You Know Your Herd®

The Most Advanced Livestock Management Technology to Help You Know Your Herd®

The HerdView® Ecosystem

Harnesses the most advanced high-speed tracking, tags, and mobile technology to help you Know Your Herd®

HerdView® RFID Cattle Tags

Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) RFID cattle tags provide the most accurate, reliable livestock tracking, session counts, inventory and transfers.

HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR)

With the latest in high-speed cloud-connected tech built in, solar-powered smart readers deliver 24/7 monitoring—no Wi-Fi, server or wired power-source required.

HerdView™ Mobile App

Know Your Herd® anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand. Streamline tasks, counts and transfers.

HerdView® Intelligent Area Monitoring

The HerdView® system actively monitors each animal’s movements to and from water or feed troughs, alerting operators to the early warning signs of potential sickness.

HerdView® Smart Reader (HSR)

The cornerstone of the HerdView® ecosystem, the HSR’s speed, durability and all-in-one capability puts all other RFID cattle tag readers out to pasture. Highly configurable and Bluetooth-enabled for meshing multiple units together, the HSR is available with cellular connectivity.

  • Cloud connected, all-in-one smart reader
  •  Requires no hard-wiring or additional tech investment
  • Bluetooth enabled for meshing multiple HSRs
  • High speed for accurate head counts
  • Configurable parameters for close and wide detection
  • Easy plug-and-play start-up
  • Portable & powerful with 70-hour battery life
  • Built tough to withstand weather extremes
  • Embedded antennas for added durability
  • Only system configured for Intelligent Area Monitoring

HerdView® Mobile App

The simple and intuitive HerdView® app makes herd management easier than ever. With real-time tracking, tasks, transfers and counting data, plus Intelligent Area Monitoring alerts at your fingertips, it’s like putting a new cowboy to work, right in the palm of your hands.

Use the HerdView® app to:

  • Scan RFID cattle tag barcodes at set up
  • Track animal movement 24/7
  • Receive alerts to abnormalities in animal behavior
  • Add tasks and track transfers
  • Review and update livestock inventory
  • Trace your investment through finishing

HerdView® RFID Cattle Tags

Built to withstand the rigors of cattle operations, our ultra-high frequency RFID livestock identification technology delivers the industry’s most accurate monitoring over a larger area. Like a toll tag for every head in your herd, these durable RFID cattle ID tags are built to last, delivering fast, reliable tracking day after day.

  • Ultra-fast UHF technology
  • Tamper-evident security
  • Passive UHF for extended life
  • Durable and reliable
  • Extra-large numbering for easy visual ID

Powerfully Portable Livestock Management Technology

While its speed, accuracy and reliability set it apart, the HerdView® HSR’s portability puts it in a class by itself. The battery is capable of providing 70+ hours of continuous monitoring away from a power source. Take it to another pasture to count cattle moving in. Move it to a holding pen to track new arrivals coming off the truck. The HerdView® system goes where the needs of your herd take it.
  • The most flexible livestock management system
  • Continuous solar power, no wiring required
  • 70+ hour battery life away from a power source
  • 48-hour data storage when not connected


Forget running extension cords or spending time and money running electricity. The HSR’s powerful solar battery charger keeps it running night and day, rain or shine.


With 70+ hours of battery life away from the solar charger, the portable HSR can take the place of legacy RFID systems all across your operation.


Get real-time updates on your herd, plus task management, counting, inventory and transfers right in the palm of your hand.

Easy Installation, Simple Start-Up

Find out how quick and easy it can be to get HerdView® up and running on your ranch or feedlot.