Gulfood 2021: Four top trends on the menu for the UAE’s food industry

"Remember when food had to be fair trade? The new buzzwords are sustainability, traceability and transparency. In the near future, it will not be enough for a chef to know th...

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HerdX Partnership Authenticates Sustainable Coffee

HerdX is launching into the coffee industry to help bring transparency to coffee growers dedicated to utilizing sustainable and regenerative farming practices to produce...

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The Global Drive for Transparency

The drive towards transparency and traceability in the food industry is rapidly growing on a global scale. HerdX as a company and as a proprietary solution not only...

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Tracing food on blockchain gains momentum, with shoppers willing to pay big bucks

"As new innovations continue to emerge in the industry, an IBM report says some shoppers would be willing to pay a premium of 35% for fully traceable produce.

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HerdX And UPS Deliver Blockchain Verified Beef

"OnTuesday, June 9thHerdX and UPS showcased a blockchain tracked and verified domestic beef shipment."

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Is a True Traceable End-to-End Supply Chain Possible?

"A more traceable end-to-end supply chain can be done, but it will require collaboration, standardization, and technology that works on a global scale.

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