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HerdX® Unveils RFID Livestock Tracking Solution Tailored to Independent Cattle Producers

BOERNE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–HerdX, Inc., an agri-tech company based in Texas, unveiled an RFID-enabled livestock herd management tracking solution engineered specifically for cow/calf producers, stockers and feedlot operators. The HerdX® system, called HerdView™, is currently being demo’d at the 2022 NCBA Trade Show in Houston through February 3rd. The HerdView™ platform integrates best-in-breed herd tracking technology with ranch management features designed to increase operational efficiency and improve profitability for independent cattle producers.

Components of the HerdView™ system include RFID-chipped ear tags made specifically for the rigors of the cattle industry, an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled UHF RFID reader built for animal identification & detection, and the HerdView™ mobile app available in both Android & iOS.

“In an industry where independent ranchers are operating on razor-thin margins, offering a simple, affordable and effective RFID herd management solution is a huge advantage for cattle operators,” said HerdX® CEO Ken Burroughs. “We feel HerdView™ is going to make a positive impact on animal health, which will increase productivity and profitability.”

The HerdView™ herd management system is anchored by the HerdX® RFID reader, a highly-configurable, cloud connected reader designed with an integrated antenna capable of reading 750 tags per second at distances exceeding 20 feet. With easy plug and play set up, HerdX® readers actively monitor HerdView™ tags for scan (or lack of scan) events that can correlate to health or other key events of interest to the rancher.

This advanced Area Monitoring feature tracks an individual animal’s movements through designated areas like gates, chutes, water troughs and feed bunks. The platform automatically notifies users via the app when an animal has not gone to food or water, a sign of potential sickness. These alerts allow operators to more easily and quickly identify at risk animals, before outward signs of illness appear, giving ranchers a valuable head start at treating the illness.

“Whether you’re a cow/calf operator, stocker or running a feedlot, a healthier herd makes a big impact on your bottom line,” said Toni Miller, HerdX President and CFO. “A herd monitoring and management tool like HerdView™ is going to improve the quality and quantity of cattle production for many years to come.”

In addition to monitoring herd health, the HerdView™ platform also provides cattle operators with livestock-specific inventory management features, including automated counting sessions, animal records updating, transferring or receiving livestock and traceability from birth to finishing.

“HerdView isn’t just about improving the health of livestock,” said Burroughs. “It’s about improving the lives of the hard-working ranchers who are the backbone of the cattle industry, providing them with the tools they need to better manage their business and put more money in their pockets.”

The HerdView™ platform was developed over several years through a community-driven product development process working directly with ranchers. With low initial investment and risk, HerdX® is giving unprecedented access to technology and tools that will help America’s ranchers better monitor their herds.

About HerdX®

HerdX® is an Agriculture Technology company dedicated to delivering innovative tools that help ranchers more effectively manage livestock operations with higher levels of productivity and profits. Through its revolutionary ‘new breed’ of herd management technology and innovative Herdview area monitoring, HerdX® is empowering ranchers to…‘Know Your Herd™’.


Toni Miller