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The HerdX® Livestock Ecosystem is an end-to-end animal monitoring and traceability solution using tags, water, and data. HerdX uses connected tags and data to help farmers and ranchers monitor animal movement, identify health anomalies and increase operational efficiencies-giving them new insights so they can know their herds even better.

The HerdX® Ecosystem


Smart tags monitor individual movement relative to the herd and identify at risk animals sooner.


Innovative trough solutions work with tags to provide animal health and movement information.


The HerdX app helps increase operational efficiency, provides daily insights to producers, and enables traceability across the supply chain.


HerdX brings the ranching legacy to consumers through the Taste of Trust™ program.

Providing a high-quality, safe product has always been the goal of the beef and lamb industry … I believe HerdX has provided me the opportunity to [meet that need].

Sharon Spenrath, Lazy S Bar Ranch :: Texas :: 1942

HerdX is not just solving problems, it is a frontier of finding new things.

Len Weinheimer, Weinheimer Ranch Inc. :: Texas :: Est. 1878

As a family, we are excited to be a part of the HerdX family. We believe the new technology HerdX brings to our operations will allow us to bring top notch animals to the consumer.

Ruth Robinson, Rson Ranch :: Oklahoma :: Est. 1974

These cutting-edge tools stand to provide immeasurable benefit and customizable management methods to the livestock producer. We are thrilled with the many possibilities for improving our livestock operation that HerdX offers!

Cecilia Johnson McMurrey, Chinqaupin Ranch :: Texas :: Est. 1996